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Our 2018 theme is 'Tuck and Slip/Skip Stitches' knit on all machines whether manual, punchcard or electronic.

January 2nd
: Susan will demonstrate the workings of tuck and slip/skip stitches.

February 6th: Lesley will show tuck and slip stitches with cables (reforming stitches) and lifted skip stitches.

March 6th: Eileen will demonstrate Tuck Lace.

April 3rd: Eileen will demonstrate multicolour slip stitch.

May 1st: Small/Medium Slip/Skip Stitch Challenge. Sally will show tuck rib and skip rib plus racking.

June 5th: Summer Potluck and Silent Auction.

July 3rd: Val is going to show us Multicolour Tuck Stitch.

August 7th: Bonnie will demonstrate lifted stitches in tuck including Magic Cables.

September 4th: Small/Medium Tuck Stitch Challenge. Kathy will show how to do automatic short-rowing with slip/skip stitch.

October 2nd: Brenda will demonstrate Plaited Tuck Stitch.

November 6th: Louise will show us how to weave with tuck stitch.

December 4th: Christmas Dinner and Large Project Challenge.

The challenges are personal best contests with three categories, each with a choice of projects to knit. Enter for your chance to win prizes drawn for each challenge. The projects must be made in 2018, be completely finished and made to the specified dimensions. The executive has the final decision on whether a project complies.
• Small/Medium Slip/Skip Stitch Challenge, due in May, must be at least 50% slip stitch, any style. Choose from:
- small bag or pouch (or larger if preferred)
- placemat/runner, minimum 12"x12" or equivalent
- easy toy - snake, hedgehog, etc.
- small child's sweater or cardigan (larger if preferred)

• Small/Medium Tuck Stitch Challenge, due in September, must be at least 50% tuck stitch, any style. Choose from:
- lap blanket
- cowl/mobius
- small shawl
- cushion cover, minimum 14x14" all knit
- small child's sweater or cardigan (larger if preferred)

• Large Challenge, due in December,
can incorporate any style of Slip or Tuck Stitch or both with Tuck and/or Slip making up at least 60% of the fabric. Choose from:
- hat, scarf & mittens/gloves to fit adult or child
- adult vest with or without opening
- adult sweater or cardigan
- large shawl
- larger more complex toy, such as a teddy bear

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