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Our 2017 theme is 'Finishing Techniques' with an emphasis on KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie!) which is a reminder to keep the process simple and place an emphasis on finishing and the best one can do, regardless of the scale of the projects.

January 3rd, 2017
: Seaming Techniques with Sally. Please bring 4 small squares taken off on waste yarn and 2-4 with finished edges plus some contrast yarn and a needle.

February 7th: Cancelled due to weather.

March 7th: Finishing using the sewing machine with Eileen.

April 4th: Kathy will show her favourite hems with an emphasis on creating a beautiful finish.

May 2nd: Wet blocking of knits with Patrick.

June 6th: Summer Potluck and Small Project Challenge: tea cosy.

July 4th: Decorative Applied Edges with Linda.

August 1st: Chris will demonstrate the basics of preparing raw wool fibre for spinning, show a variety of spinning wheels, and how these yarns knit up on a variety of knitting machines. She will also discuss the creation and construction of a machine knit throw with a large image in two panels.

September 5th: Beth is returning to lead us in a Yarn Dyeing workshop! For details please see our information sheet on the left.

October 3rd: Round neckline finishes with Leslie and we will have our Medium Project Challenge: Tank Top.

November 7th: Buttonholes and bands with Rosanne.

December 5th: Christmas Dinner and Large Project Challenge: home decor.

The challenges are personal best contests with three size categories, each with a chosen project to knit. Enter for your chance to win prizes awarded for each size category. The projects must be made in 2017, must be completed, and will be presented inside out so your finishing can be seen...or not.
• Small Challenge, due in June, will be a Tea Cosy, a great item for stretching your creativity.
• Medium Challenge, due in October, will be a Tank Top which is any sleeveless shirt with any type of shoulder straps.
Large Challenge, due in December, will be Home Decor items including:
- Afghan: Sofa Size 48" wide x 60" long, Double Bed 60" x 78", Queen Bed 66" x 84", or King Bed 80" x 84"
- Curtains: minimum 72" long
- Placemats: *set of six, 12" wide by 18" long or 14" x 20"
- Pillows: * set of four 18" or 20" size pillows with knit on both sides or a set of six with woven fabric on the reverse side
* the requirements of six placemats and either four or six pillows is to level the playing field for the minimum size and amount of knitting and finishing for the Large category.
** Participants are more than welcome to knit complete sets of multiple items in the Large category if they choose.

Yarn Dyeing Workshop