The Theme for 2022 is Lace of all types for all machines.

January 4th: Emily will demo Tuck Lace.

February 1st: Punchcard Lace with Susan.

March 1st: Hand Manipulated Lace will be shown by Rosanne.

April 5th: Kathy will show us Eyelet Lace.

May 3nd: Ladders will be demonstrated by Diane. The Small Challenge projects are due at this meeting.

June 7th: Our Mid-Year Party and Silent Action 1. 

July 5th: A Measuring Session and Silent Auction 2.

August 2nd: Popcorns, bobbles and nops with Diane.

September 6th: Diane will demonstrate Latvian Braids. The Medium Challenge projects are due at this meeting.

October 4th: Susan will demonstrate Tuck Lace Bell Ornaments.

November 1st: Joanna will demonstrate on the Singer lace carriage while she discusses the differences between it and the Brother lace carriage.

December 6th: Christmas Pot Luck and our Large Challenge projects are due.

The 2022 challenges are personal best contests with three categories, each with a choice of projects to knit. Enter for your chance to win prizes drawn for each challenge. The projects must be made in 2022, be completely finished and made to the specified sizes. The executive has the final decision on whether a project complies.

Small Challenge

Due at our May meeting, must include at least one of the techniques being covered in this year’s program and the technique must cover 10% of the project. Choose a Small blanket, Shawl or Large Scarf, Mittens or Gloves, Hat, Pillow or a small decorative item.

Medium Challenge

Due in September, must include at least two of the techniques covered in our 2022 program and they must cover at least 20% of the project. Choose either a Medium Blanket, Large Shawl, Child’s Sweater or Dress, Adult Summer Top, Pair of Socks or a medium sized decorative item.

Large Challenge

Due in December, must include at least three of the techniques covered in our 2022 program and they must cover 40% of the project. Choose either a Large Blanket, an Adult clothing item or a decorative item with multiple sections.